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Aodd pumps air operated diaphragm pumps for all fluid types aodd pumps, or air operated diaphragm pumps, are positive displacement pumps driven by compressed air rather than an. Wilden offers the proflo and proflo shift series air operated double diaphragm aodd pumps for use in the dosing and transfer of thin to viscous, clean to particulateladen fluids in the general industry, oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage, military and marine, and waterwastewater markets. The air valve is the driving heart of the pump, redirecting the. Gracos electric double diaphragm pumps eodd are ideal for applications that require low pulsation and a smooth flow. As the pump reaches its original starting point, each diaphragm has gone through one exhaust and one discharge stroke. View and download yamada ndp5 series operation manual online. Manufacturing diaphragm pumps since 1971 air dimensions. These drawings show flow pattern through the pump upon its initial stroke. Consult your distributor or owners manual for proper. Air operated double diaphragm aodd pumps are designed for general use.

The clamped configuration is a classic design that evolved from 1955. Developed to identify wilden airoperated double diaphragm aodd pumps and pump parts, the whats my pump. As the global leader in airoperated doublediaphragm aodd pumps. Aodd pumps deliver unique benefits that are unrivaled by other pump. Because wilden offers such a wide variety of air operated double diaphragm aodd pumps and accessories that can be used in just about any pumping application, it also offers an extensive library of product literature, brochures, flyers and guides wilden has also developed a comprehensive library of engineering, operation and maintenance eom manuals for all of. A diaphragm pump also known as a membrane pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber, thermoplastic or teflon diaphragm and suitable. In 1955, a man named jim slim wilden invented airoperated. In 1955, jim wilden revolutionized the pumping industry when he invented the air operated double diaphragm aodd pump.

As the inventors of the aodd pump, wilden has pioneered countless innovations. Wilden stainless steel airoperated doublediaphragm pumps. Air dimensions has grown into a true leader and innovative force in the world of hazardous and corrosive diaphragm pump technology in large part due to our unwavering commitment to our customers. They can easily pump from clean, light viscosity fluids to corrosive, abrasive medium viscosity fluids and can transfer large.

Selecting the best diaphragm for a wilden airoperated doublediaphragm pump in the absence of previous experience which is always the best guide diaphragm material must be selected. Wilden 2 diaphragm pumps genuine wilden air operated double diaphragm pumps. Aluminum, alloy c or stainless steel flow rate to 674 lpm 178. Refer to the performance section of this manual for. Wildens legendary original series pumps were designed for demanding utilitarian type of applications that require a robust design. Wilden pumps in australia enquire today global pumps. This legendary pump has proven the test of time as a trusted, classleading airoperated doublediaphragm aodd pump for a variety of markets and applications. Wilden, the inventor of pressurized air operated diaphragm pumps in 1955, has been the leading company in the market ever since. Graco s double diaphragm pumps are designed for chemical transfer applications. Our energy efficient electric drive reduces energy consumption up to 5x compared to. Aseptic ehedg series aodd pumps, to enable pump emptying.

Air operated diaphragm pumps diaphragm pumps grainger. Wilden pumps play a vital role as transfer points from one mode of transporta. Not only are wilden pumps the most costeffective, reliable and energyefficient solutions available, but our stateoftheart air distribution systems ads significantly increase positive displacement pump productivity by reducing air consumption and maintenance for the most energyefficient aodd pump operation possible. During each cycle the air pressure on the back of the discharging. Pumps reduce or eliminate manual filling and transport. Wilden air operated diaphragm pumps nz pump and valve. Jim wilden invented the air operated, double diaphragm pump, and wilden remains the market. Air operated double diaphragm wilden progressive pumps. Today, wilden remains the trustworthy industry leader in aodd pumps thanks to a dedication to pioneering new innovations while providing unparalleled excellence in customer. Air operated double diaphragm pumps double diaphragm. The wilden diaphragm pump is an airoperated, positive displacement, selfpriming pump. The sound shield is an enclosure designed to reduce sound emissions of air operated, doublediaphragm pumpsaoddp. Units are lightweight, can be easily transported where. Wilden has been manufacturing air operated diaphragm aod pumps since.

Wilden pumps wilden aodd pumps pumping solutions, inc. Airoperated doublediaphragm pumps provide a lot of unique benefits to all. Wilden airoperated doublediaphragm pumps have proven their durability and reliability in countless applications. Today, wilden has an extensive range of products that are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Aodd pumps, spare parts and accessories wilden store. The proflo excels in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as. Wilden air operated double diaphragm pumps are extremely versatile due to the following capabilities.

They are known for manufacturing products that are. Wilden 1inch, airoperated, doublediaphragm aodd plastic pumps in the p2 original series install fast and easily and provide a rugged, reliable design in a robust disposition for a wide range of demanding. Aodd pumps, or air operated diaphragm pumps, are positive displacement pumps driven by compressed air rather than an electric motor. Get excellent energy conservation and the maximum mean time between repair mtbr for your air operated double diaphragm aodd pump with the simple yet durable wilden proflo air distribution system ads. Wilden advanced series pump bolted design since 1955 wilden has been the market leader in airoperated doublediaphragm pumps. Refer to the operation manual for further information. Air operated diaphragm pumps aodd aro fluid handling. Wilden sound shield obsolete wilden pumps from air pumping. Wilden aodd pumps are reciprocating, positivedisplacementstyle pumps driven. A variety of options, such as ansi and din flanges, are available to meet your specific. Wilden h800 formely hp250 51 mm 2 high pressure pump. Aluminium extended pump matches the inlet to outlet dimensions of wilden and aro aluminium pumps. How to identify wilden pumps free tool on new website. We can supply any air operated pumping unit, along with spares, kits, repair support or hire contracts.

Wilden air operated diaphragm pumps we offer a range of pumps from wilden, a leading and trusted double diaphragm pump manufacturer. As a result of wildens continuous pursuit of new pump technologies, the wilflo and proflo v air. In 1955, jim wilden revolutionized the pumping industry when he invented the airoperated doublediaphragm aodd pump. Air operated double diaphragm metal pump stainless steel. Yamada corporation has been a leading producer of industrial equipment since 1905 and of fluid handling products for over 65 years. Diaphragm b is now on its discharge stroke, which forces the inlet valve ball in chamber b onto its seat due to the hydraulic forces developed in chamber b and the manifold of the pump. Series bolted metal airoperated doublediaphragm aodd pump ensures.

Wilden pumps and pump parts from reliable equipment. Since 1955, wilden has been solving the toughest pumping applications in the world. Our chemical transfer pumps come in pneumatic and electric options, with many flow rates and sizes. Submit a quote for this diaphragm pumps or call 6303502200 for more information. In our mission to evolve airoperated doublediaphragm aodd pump technology to enhance performance. Wilden is deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer. An air operated double diaphragm pump has two diaphragms. The series of verderair double diaphragm pumps are highly engineered diaphragm pumps. In our mission to evolve airoperated double diaphragm aodd pump technology to enhance performance. Whether youre looking for training tools, literature or application support, sandpiper is. Wilden stainless steel air operated double diaphragm aodd pumps with inlet sizes from 0.

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