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Gathering statistics on javascript projects since 2015. Use the onload event for the script element you create. Bookmarklets are short javascript programs that can be invoked as a. The above can really be seen as one of the most primitive bookmarklets add the link to your bookmarks and when selected, a basic popup will appear which greets you. I noticed that the numbers under the stats menu are not equivalent to. How to make a bookmarklet for your web application. They appear to be bookmarksfavorites, and are just as clickable, but instead of opening a webpage when selected, they execute the javascript code theyre programmed to run. Introduction to bookmarklets javascript in plain english medium. I would like to create a bookmarklet that downloads a remote javascript file in which a function is defined and then executes that function with parameters that are hardcoded into the bookmarklet. Bookmarklet creator with script includer peter coles.

Contribute to vlycsersocialblade bookmarklet development by creating an account on github. This class provides a simple info box that will help you monitor your code performance. Href visible click on link at left to make href links visible this bookmarklet is modified by d. It allows you to write a bookmarklet as regular js with some extra features to autoinclude scripts or styles. Bookmarklets are javascript code that the browser runs on the current page, and. If you want to use this for proper coding or development, then try the bookmarklet npm dependency. Bookmarklet for added ngstats with performance related functions to page ngstatsdigestlog.

Ive tested the bookmarklet on the qa teams machines, and while it works fine on their chrome browsers and on ie 9, the bookmarklet doesnt work on the two machines running ie 11. Mcritchie from paren tips found at attribute href only processing a, but is valid in a, area, link, and base. The bookmarklet works perfectly on my machine tm in chrome, ie 10, and ie 9 compatibility mode. A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains javascript commands that. But installing bookmarklets in mobile browsers is a pain. This library currently has a simple script to produce a chart see below. Another bookmarklets solution is to create another page that shows the links, see tools look for list of all links and click on it. You can turn any javascript code into a bookmarklet by using no more than 2 steps.

A bookmark contains an address for a webpage and clicking on it sends you to that page. Make a bookmarklet execute a function that it downloads stack. After saving your bookmarklet you can run them on any site you like. Here is your standard download andrunremotescript bookmarklet with an extra function call in the last line. Want to find out the altmetric details for a paper youve published. If youre using a mobile device or a desktop browser without a zotero connector, you can use the zotero bookmarklet to save items to your zotero library. Install our free bookmarklet for chrome, firefox and. A bookmarklet is a set of javascript instructions for the browser and when you click on it, your browser runs the javascript. A other tutorial about how to create a javascript bookmarklet bookmarklets work in exactly the same way as this. You can add this code to any page using the following bookmarklet. Little utility to show stats about your pages angular digestwatches. Javascript bookmarklets are like bookmarks, but slightly different.

I used to use cornify in my example, but i changed it to use my own script in order to limit external scripts that. Bookmarklet for added ngstats with performance related. General page stats, images list, links titles and s, meta data, show all divs. A bookmarklet is a javascript application that can be stored as a bookmark in browsers like normal url as javascript. It also creates a module called angularstats which has a directive called angularstats which can be used to put angular stats on a specific place on the page that you specify.

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