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Read shadow rogue chapter 58 dual wield mastery online for. Hey, can you get dual blade mastery books from monster dropsboss drops. They do have a % success rate 70% for 20, 50% for 30, so you might have to buy more than one book for that skill. Dual blade skill build chaos dual blade guide maplestory. Monster bomb mastery books can be traded in via maple admin for a dual wield expert. So im trying to obtain flying assaulter 20, but i was wondering if i could use the leafre mastery books instead. Click dual blade and create your character, and start the game. Hes talking about the mastery books that dual blades need in order to level their 2nd and 3rd job skills. It looked similar to a small and intricate flying knife, yet the knife blade was twisted in a s shape, but a rather long and thin s.

Aug 11, 2010 becoming a dual blade from the startup screen click create new character from that window on the upper right corner you will see dual blade next to the adventurer choice. Maplestorydual bladebuilds strategywiki, the video game. Hi everybody i almost quit my dual blade cause i found out how many mastery books you need. You will start off on maple island and at lv 10 go to kerning city and talk to dark lord to become a rogue. Basilmarket can you get dual blade mastery books from. You can buy them at the potion store in the dual blades hideout. Dual blade skill book bug im aware that there has been a bug regarding the usage of the dual blade training skill books that can be purchased for 100k. Since your a dual blade, most of your skills will be about slashing and stabbing.

You should be able to get slash storm from taeha with 100k mesos. Oh and can someone pm or post the monster drop list please. Instead of following the dark lord, they obey lady syl, who believed the dark lord was responsible for the death of her father when in reality it was the balrog who had killed. Can you get dual blade mastery books from drops dual blade forum talk about dual blade gangsterama. Jun 18, 20 dual blade 4th job skill build guide blade master level 100 dual wield expert passive require lv20 katara mastery mastery book dual wield expert 30 required to unlock level 1. I was wondering if it has been fixed yet since a few months ago when i switched to db i couldnt use use them and had no choice but to switch back to my shadower since playing half a dual blade was a struggle.

They dont cost nx anymore same with evans skill books. The books cost 100k mesos i believe been a while since i had to buy them. I know thats not a thing anymore, so i went in rolling a dual blade because i always wanted to play one. No mastery books, all useless scrolls threw all away and also useless. All in all, itll only be 6 extra sp dual blader neos dual blade guide. Do dual blades still require those stupid early mastery books. Semidualer levels 20 29 dual blade mastery passive description. I know thats not a thing anymore, so i went in rolling a dual blade because i. So, i recently came back to the game, rushed the 4th job and bit further, but im totally lost as to how do i get mastery books nowadays. Dual blade will have fast, slashing, stabbing, and assassination skills, similar to the traditional thief class. If this skill is level 10 or higher, you can use it with level 15 tornado spin or level 20 bloody storm.

For the 23rd job skills, the cash shop mastery books are the only ones required. Every job, dual blade in specific require mastery books at 4th job. Dual blade doesnt have sp skill quests unlike evan, so its severely limited when. I dont want to pay with the nx because i think its useless wasting money for this class. This is for sea servers, for the others im not sure about them. Posts about maplesea dual blade guide written by maplesecretsguide. Bolded skill in sp build means the skill should now be maxed. I used the db book from taehas shop which brought the max level to 20, but i cant seem to use the skill.

New created dual blade character can get 4 mastery book that. Maplestory dual blade skills and skill builds ayumilove hidden. Dual blade cash shop skill mastery books dual blade forum talk about dual blade iinsanity. I know that mastery books are now buyable for 4th job, and that it sells evan ones, but im just not sure about dual blade and dont wanna go through the trouble of making one if its just gonna require annoying amounts of money. Kage for skill comments credits to poeinstinct for dual blade. Can someone please confirm that mastery books for dual bladers are gone in cash shop because i cant seem to find them, also if they are confirmed that they are gone, can someone tell me where to get slash storm 20 mastery book as it is what i need right now.

Dual blade mastery book drops dual blade forum talk about dual blade strikersnot. From the startup screen click create new character from that window on the upper right corner you will see dual blade next to the adventurer choice. Tutorial dual blader build 170 mpgh multiplayer game. Maplestory dual blade skill build guide inglory guild. It would be a life saver if someone told me that monsters drop them and actually meant it. Dual blade rebirth slash storm mastery hidden street. Aug 19, 20 dual wield expert passive require lv20 katara mastery mastery book dual wield expert 30 required to unlock level 1. Increase stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party. Mar 09, 2011 on my dual blade, i have a move called tornado spin that requires a skill mastery book and i cant figure out where to buy it or what monsters drop it. Doubleclick it to raise the mastery level of a desired skill. Do dual blades still require those stupid early mastery. Basilmarket dual blade cash shop skill mastery books thread. Im not sure if the mastery skill books are actually required though like evans, ahh magic guard fail d.

In kms, the fourth job mastery skill books for dual blades were 8. Slash storm mastery book self haste mastery book tornado spin mastery book flying assaulter mastery book mirror image mastery book i have k nx, would this be enough. Effects master level of the chosen skill increased from 20 to 30 at a 100% rate max per slot 5 rewarded from commerci republic final report. The open advancement system allows explorers, including dual blades and cannoneers. Cash shop events, inner ability locks, lite scrolls, male evan hair, maple story. Permanently increases dagger mastery, weapon attack, accuracy, and avoidability. Dual blade mastery book in cash shop gone post red patch. Becoming a dual blade dual blade s 4th job advancement is exactly the same as a normal adventurer, you should already know how to advance by this point.

I have some mystery mastery books which ive no use for, i could open those and give you the books you need, if i happen to get them. Jul 22, 2019 now everyone can avoid failing mastery books these mastery book can be use for any 4th job skills that requires mastery book to uncap the level. For example, a level 47 blade acolyte should have 87 dex and everything else in luk. How i get the mastery books for dual blade i need for slash storm and tornado spin. Last i played maplestory was when mastery books were selling upwards to 150m in the market. Mastery books exclusively for dual blades can be purchase in the potion shop from the dual blade hq.

They follow the beginning of adventurers and therefore start on maple island. Jun 05, 2010 updates added gms names added dual blade story to be added finish quests guide monster images monster stats certain item images item stats new nonkorean images dual bladers are counted as thieves. The dual master has a different set up in terms of skills that any other job, so read carefully. While in the air, quickly dash down and attack up to 8 monsters for 165% damage 4 times with a 20% chance to stun for 6 seconds, while rushing them. Aug 08, 2012 heres the fourth time i make an sp guide. On the maplestory red update notes, it says that you can click on a person named taeha in the dual blade s area secret garden for 2nd and 3rd job mastery books. This skill can only be used if a dagger and dual blade is in hand. They will also have their own type of haste, endure, and blade booster skills. Dual blade 4th job skillbooks and mastery books asksushi. Wikia says you can buy them from npc for 3m, but it doesnt seem to be the case on ems. Can you get dual blade mastery books from drops basilmarket.

Books conseguidos como drops em boss zakum, chaos zakum, hilla dual blade i rogue 10. Dual blades are rogue thieves who have strayed from their original path. Dual blade skills are also very flashy, which is good for showing off. Aug 09, 2011 posted on august 9, 2011, in uncategorized and tagged dual blade guide, dual blade skill build chaos, maplestory dual blade sp guide. Dual blade is a special branch of the thief explorer class. I bought a mastery book 20 to unlock level 11 and above for thorns.

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