Range rover p38 eas unlock software download

The image above shows an example of how you can perform a health check of the range rover p38. Hi, please redirect me if im asking about this in the wrong area but it will be a startour family have been running a 1996 4. Functions include reading and clearing of faults, settings including programming records, live data inputs, checking output functions and also the ability to reset the adaptive values. From water damage to shorted out components, flat batteries, in fact just about any electrical type problem with a p38 range rover can be caused by the becm. Range rover p38a eas reset tool used to clear and read the range rover p38a eas and stored faults. Range rover mk2 p38 obd2 diagnostic port plug location here it is.

Range rover classic eas unlock suite rsw solutions. Kit reset eas diagnostic cable air suspension range rover p38. The software will reset an eas fault, read the stored eas faults and recalibrate the eas stored profile heights. The eas electronic air suspension valve block is one of those many, many things that land rover will charge you a small fortune to replace. Clear fault codes eas module recalibrate heights default system eas it is compatible with the range rover p38 9502 with 16 diagnostic connector roads located below the glove box the software to use this interface is in english but it is very easy to use. Land rover range rover p38 body electrical control module becm interesting video on the becm used on range rover models programme content introducing the becm how the becm.

The easunlock software suite comes with the three main functions that any range rover owner would need for the eas subsystem. A major cause of problems associated with the valve block is the orings wearing out. Rsw eas v3 software where to download from rangerovers. To get access to the blenddistribution motor connector you need to remove the hevac control panel find out how in the rave manual. Apparently no longer available as a freeware but you should donate software tool, but you may still find a mirror somewhere. P38 eas fault range rover forum lr4x4 the land rover.

Ecu guide for electronic air suspension system on p38. The easunlock software suite is designed to run on a windows 2000 and higher os with a db9m rs232 serial port. Navigate the list of programs until you locate eas unlock v3 or simply click the search feature and type in eas unlock v3. Forums land rover forums range rover this site uses cookies. The range rover p38a eas reset tool is a small portable handheld device that enables the user to. Hi im john from caerphilly and ive just bought a 1998 p38 4. Furthermore the eas kicker is also flash memory based, meaning it can be connected to a pc by the supplied lead to update itself.

You need to make up your own serial to obdii cable. Range rover p38 air suspension computer reset tool eas. The eas kicker can automatically detect whether it is connected to a classic or p38 variant of the range rover and as such it will work seamlessly on either. Applications designed to reset, read faults and calibrate the range rover p38aclassic electronic air. This is an incredibly useful procedure that is now available to the owner. The easunlock software and eas serial cable will only work with the p38a range rover electronic air suspension eas. Products ncom07 range rover p38 motronic v8 petrol 1999. Fortunately these can be replaced fairly easily and cheaply. The most difficult part of the process is purchasing and assembling your own obdii cable.

V pc spustit aplikaci range rover p38a eas unlock suite iv. Range rover p38 94 02 eas air suspension diagnostic, calibrate reset ebay. You can download the free version for eas or pay for a newer version that does much more. Integrated interface diagnostics tool land rover parts britpart. Jun 26, 2014 the rsw solutions, eas unlock v3 software can now modify the p38a range rover body control module settings.

Apr 03, 2008 this software will reset and read the range rover ea. Discussion in range rover started by wandjohn, jun 20, 20. Discussion in range rover started by doo, aug 15, 2019. This smart little unit works in the same way as its big brother, the eas kicker. Eas air suspension diagnostic cable range rover p38 ebay. Eas kicker lite air suspension reset tool range rover p38. With the eas unlock software and the correct cable, you can. Range rover p38 mkii eas kicker air suspension reset tool. The software suite is provided free of charge to anyone but comes without warantee. A 16 pin obd2 diagnostic socket is located in the passenger footwell on all p38 range rovers, so all youll need is this special eas diagnostic lead to connect your laptop serial port to the range rover diagnostic socket and a copy of the eas unlock software. My eas was locked so i bought the software and unlocked it no problem then the fuel pump went so i replaced. Optional extra that is required to download updates. The range rover p38 page range rover ii stockholm views.

Sep 27, 2012 range rover p38, mk iii and range rover sport. Range rover p38 suspension neumatica eas solucion youtube. Newest version of the easunlock software and hardware development. However, the eas kicker lite does not have a lcd screen to view readouts and there are no buttons to press. I demonstrate how to hook up the cables and operate the easunlock software. If you are reading this page you are probably one of the many who have discovered just how easily the becm body electronic control module unit on range rover p38 fail.

In order to diagnose the actual source of the faults, the vehicle must still be taken to a land rover dealership or third party with a. Range rover p38a eas reset tool is easy to use, every range rover p38 owner can have this device in hand, reset the eas by yourself. I demonstrate how to recalibrate the range rover eas air suspension ride heights. This version is for the range rover p38 and comes as a complete unit. Using a custom oddii p38a or diagnostics classic cable faults can be read and reset. This software will reset and read the range rover eas fault. My eas was locked so i bought the software and unlocked it no problem. Applications designed to reset, read faults and calibrate the range rover p38aclassic electronic air suspension.

Easunlock suite is an easy to use application designed to reset, read faults and calibrate the range. The range rover p38a eas reset tool is extremely easy to use and requires little or no computer or mechanical experience on the part of the user. Range rover p38a eas reset tool land rover eas resetter. After you click eas unlock v3 in the list of programs, the following information regarding the program is made available to you. P38 range rover parts eas obd2 to db9 wiring diagram. The win32 and pda software can be downloaded at easunlock. Ecu guide for the motronic p38 and discovery ii petrol version. When will the range rover l405 software be available. I have the cable and the softwear rsw eas unlock, but cant get it to work on my p38. Once the range rover p38a eas reset tool is plugged into awindows pc usb port, the retrieved eas fault codes can be read in plain englishand can be used to further troubleshoot the range rover eas.

Is lynx capable of programming the air suspension ride height. Eas unlock software, i need a fresh download to my newly formatted win 7. The rsw solutions, eas unlock v3 software can now modify the p38a range rover body control module settings. The easunlock software will notwork with any other land rover vehicles or systems. Usb to serial windows 7 drivers for eas unlock i cannot get the system to recognise the usb to serial cable for the eas unlock. Range rover p38 suspension eas coil spring bypass cable duration. Just about every electronic component relies on the becm for either its power or for receiving or sending instructions or data. The motronic ecu cannot be programmed by the nanocom evolution. Also i am looking for a workshop manual for the p38. It is important to note that the eas software does not read the diagnostic trouble codes that are stored in the eas memory. Eas unlock v3 body control module settings youtube.

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